Kountry R Us Frenchies

Kountryrusfrenchies Sires

The Duke of Kountryrusfrenchies

Black & Tan

Quad Carrier

at/at, B/B, n/co, D/d, Em/e, n/S

No Brindle, Merle, Fluffy

3 panel clear

Grandson of Don Choc


Kountryrusfrenchies Duke’s Remingtion

Red Fawn 

Tri carrier

ay/at, B/B, n/co, D/d, EM/EM, n/n

No Brindle, Merle, or Fluffy

3 panel clear

Great Grandson of Don Choc


We recommend you do Vaginal Cytology &/or Progesterone Test.  Optimum AI is two days after Ovulation, enough time to have fresh chilled semen delivered. Your Vet can perform a progesterone to pinpoint ovulation.  We recommend shipping the day after Ovulation.  We are looking for numbers at 4.5 to 5.5 ng/ml on Idexx and 8.0 to 10.5 on Minividas.  Always keep us in the loop on test results so we get this right

We ship chilled fresh semen by FedEx next day delivery, for you or your Vet, to AI your Dam by 3:00 EST the next day. The very latest we can collect and get semen ready to ship is 12:00 pm EST. It is best to call us when your Dam first shows signs of heat. We offer progesterone testing & AI Services.   If you want to reserve a slot for your dam, call today, we don’t overbook our Boy.

Call or text 334-689-2712 or email [email protected]