Kountry R Us Frenchies



All our puppies have Vet certification, wormed and started their first shots before they leave.  Puppies who are nine weeks get their second set of shots.  We guarantee against life  threatening genetic defects for one year.


The prices vary depending on rights(full or limited), color and conformation.  See Color & Cost under Q&A for prices of the color you are looking for.


First you need to get your name on the waiting list.  You can do this my email me at [email protected].  Just put your name, what color you are looking for and whether you want Male or Female.   When the litter is born, we will contact the people on waiting list in the order we received the emails.  This is the picking order.  So send me an email to join our waiting list today to reserve your pick spot.  Once we have spoken and all your questions/concerns have been met, you can now decide on which Frenchie that you would like to have.   When you are ready to commit and puppies are 2 weeks, we do require a  $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy.  First deposit gets first pick of the litter.  So place a deposit early to get the Frenchie you want.  We will send a link for you to make the deposit from Credit card or bank draft.  At time of deposit, Make sure you send us your name and phone number, which litter to apply it to and litter band color of puppy.

If this is going to be a gift, please let me know so we don’t leak the secret by mistake.

We will send weekly pictures and videos to show your puppy progress and growth.  We are always more than happy to Face-time or take visits as well.

Once your Frenchie has been cleared by our Vet. and Georgia Health Certificate has been Obtained (at or around 8 weeks of age) your new family member will be ready to go home.  You will have 1 week from this date to pick pup your new baby(unless prior arrangements have been made).  Final payment must be made though the payment link or Terrace Finance option.

If your baby has not been picked up and no other arrangements have been made, the deposit to hold your puppy will be forfeited and puppy will be made available to another deserving family.  We just ask that you stay in contact with us should anything come up.


We keep our puppy until at least the 8th week.  If you come to visit and choose a puppy before it is ready to leave the litter, we will meet you part way to reduce your drive time (up to 3 hours), when it is ready to go home.  Puppies must be ten weeks or older to fly.


This is the best way to get your puppy homes.  Puppies can travel anytime of the year.  Puppies fly in the cabin in a soft create with one of our Nanny handlers.  We hand the puppy to the Nanny and the puppy is handled directly to you at the arrival gate.  They do not go in the cargo, get stressed out in a cargo waiting area or come in to contact with other animals.  This is the safest and least stressful way to travel.  Call for prices.